I qualified in Jerusalem with a diploma in Occupational Therapy. After working in many parts of the world I settled in South Africa and opened my own practice. This was my first experience with a different kind of OT.
I recognised myself .I knew clumsy, dyslexia, dyspraxia and attention-deficits, had a war against numbers and time. I discovered Dr Jean Ayres, who had made major changes in understanding naughty, lazy and difficult (some of the labels attached) children. I added an advanced diploma in Occupational Therapy in Neuro Sciences from Wits, and discovered how the natural development after birth, influences the way our entire nervous system promotes readiness for life. A post grad diploma at RAU on remedial education made me aware of the way school combines our development with formal learning. Other modalities and techniques included Sensory Integration qualification, Therapeutic Listening, and many other “out of the box” specialties which have helped me explore the absolute miracle of creation that is the human being.
In my practice I mentor the OTs who are passionate about the systems we use and the Result they see each day, not only in children but also in adults.
I absolutely love my job! – Well in essence it is a journey really and not just merely a JOB. Every client takes one on a different journey…it may be a pirate’s island or it may be struggling with maths or even just a path in getting your life more organise and gain the full potential out of it. And the blessing when such a journey is completed! It’s such a humbling gift. I haven’t doubted occupational therapy since I completed my studies at UP in 2008. However that wasn’t enough to understand the inner workings and amazement of how we are created. We are designed with a specific order in mind – the way a baby just knows how to roll over is remarkable. Sensory Integration is what makes me tick the most! We are also designed to learn and develop by using mainly our senses and making sense of what our senses are sensing. I extend my learning through courses, articles, talks and books. Instead of idling I rather cultivate my therapeutic skills to adapt to each client individually in order to meet their needs best.
Working at ResultsOT in Bramley I have discovered the delight of working with each child and adult. It is a rewarding experience to observe how a person can flourish and grow into a fully functioning and independent individual. They become confident, aware of their abilities and are ready to tackle life’s challenges. After completing my studies at Wits University and my community service at Sizwe Tropical Disease Hospital, I became fascinated and intrigued with human development and how it affects ones interactions with the environment. At ResultsOT I have been given the opportunity to learn and discover more about these interests.
After completing my studies at the University of Pretoria, an interest in the cause and effect of developmental gaps lead me to join the Results OT team. I am fascinated by the miracle process of human development. The influence that environments, emotions and just “general life” have on a person’s functioning, intrigues and challenges me. For me, occupational therapy is summed up in the following statement ‘OTs put the FUN into FUNctional!’ Witnessing the amazing process of allowing a child, adolescent or adult to explore their bodies through movement and a wide range of sensations, so, to build a solid foundation onto which higher order skills can develop…..sparks absolute excitement and awe each day.
I am a passionate therapist who previously worked in the neurological field. This field of work involved clients who need to re-learn how to use their bodies effectively after trauma and a great curiosity in the development of the brain followed. The brain forms the basis of function; of particular interest is how the brain is able to create new pathways to allow for optimal functioning, and, how to stimulate these pathways in therapy. I firmly believe that learning and developing through movement and exploration leads to a happy, healthy child, adolescent and adult.
I have been involved at the practice for many years assisting the therapists and the clients with mainly administrative tasks. I have furthered my skills with a diploma in Receptionist & Secretary at Boston Business College. I have grown to be equipped with various skills and I am proud that I am competent to deal with many different clients and demanding situations. I love my position here as there are always new challenges I need to tackle toward assisting the practice to further its standard. The targets set always drive me to achieve my best at all times. I take my job seriously, seeing that, at the end of the day it is a livelihood.  


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